Near Campus Neighbourhoods Advisory

Near Campus Neighbourhoods Advisory

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The purpose of the committee is to provide a means for communication for issues encompassing neighbourhood relations and to emphasize the importance of building partnerships within the near campus neighbourhoods. The committee will serve as a model for creating and sustainable neighbourhoods and for students on the importance of citizenship.

The mandate of the committee is to address the concerns of residents of near campus neighbourhoods by fostering relationships between students and non-students and opening communication lines through listening, collaboration and cooperation to promote citizenship and a shared sense of belonging and community pride.


Council Member

  • Councillor Schell 

Citizen Appointees

Sydenham District Association

  • Ken Ohtake

Portsmouth Neighbourhood Association

  • Mac Gervan
  • Phileen Dickinson (Alt)

Kings Town Neighbourhood Association

McBurney Park Neighbourhood Association

  • Ann Lougheed

Williamsville Neighbourhood Association

  • John Grenville
  • Joan Bowie (Alt)

Kingston Rental Property Owners Association

  • Sina Tahamtan

Queens Alma Mater Society

  • Matt Kussin
  • Philip Lloyd (Alt)

St. Lawrence Student Association

  • Andrew Oosterman
  • Morgan Davis (Alt)

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