Responsible Pet Ownership Program

Responsible Pet Ownership Program

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The Responsible Pet Ownership Program Working Group has been established to provide staff with comment on the following topics; a draft Responsible Pet Ownership Program (RPOP), Rabbit Breeders' license program, Spay and Neuter program, evolution from animal control model to animal services model, and the implementation of Pet Store restrictions.


  • Councillor J. Neill
  • Councillor L. Osanic
  • Ms. Jennifer Allan (Pet Store)
  • Ms Marg Buckholtz (Spay Neuter Kingston)
  • Ms. Kareen Lush (Kingston Animal Rescue)
  • Mr. Jason Malley (Pet Store)
  • Ms. Janice Saunders (Kingston Humane Society)
  • Dr. Paula Kirkwood Zahara (Veterinarian)

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