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The Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee (MAAC) is legislated by the Province of Ontario under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2001 (AODA) and reports to Council on accessibility issues faced by people with disabilities. The committee is made up of one Council representative and 14 volunteers, the majority of whom are residents with disabilities.


Council Member

  • Councillor Neill

Citizen Appointees

  • Donald Mitchell; Chair
  • Aimee Burtch; Vice Chair
  • Andrew Ashby
  • Caitlin Bruce
  • Kate Deacon
  • Chloée Godin-Jacques
  • Glenn Griffiths
  • David Grightmire
  • Susan Mockler
  • Leah Riddell
  • Sheri Scott
  • Emily Su
  • Nancy Watters
  • Shawn Watters
  • David Williams

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