5G Networks and Kingston

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The regulation of 5G – fifth-generation mobile wireless – networks and other digital cellular networks sits with the Federal Government.

The Government of Canada will be holding a consultation to review mobile wireless services starting Jan. 13, 2020. Find consultation details on this Federal Government page.

This local webpage is intended to:

  • Offer answers to frequently asked questions about the City's role when it comes to 5G networks.
  • Offer links and contact information to key sources of information on 5G networks.

Technology questions

For general information about 5G networks and/or the use of digital wireless technology in Kingston, please contact Kevin McCauley, director, Networking at Utilities Kingston.

Health questions

For information about local health and 5G networks, please contact KFL&A Public Health at communications@kflaph.ca.

Local FAQ

Does the City or Utilities Kingston have any 5G contracts?
Neither the City, nor Utilities Kingston has any service contracts for 5G service.

I see small antennas on some Streetlight and Hydro poles around Kingston, what are those?
Telecom service providers are deploying "small-cell" antennas. These are used to augment or fill in gaps in the existing 4G cellular network. These are an alternative to building large cellular towers.

Are any small cell antennas in Kingston providing 5G service?
So far as the City and Utilities Kingston know, none of the small cell antennas installed in Kingston are capable of providing 5G service.

Could existing cell antennas on City or Kingston Hydro property that a telecom carrier has leased space on, be replaced with 5G-capable ones by the telecom carrier?
Existing antenna infrastructure could be replaced with upgraded equipment under existing lease arrangements. Such changes may have to be reviewed by Utilities Kingston, on behalf of the City or Kingston Hydro, if new equipment were to change the weight load on poles. Utilities Kingston is not aware of any 5G-capable small cell antennas operating in Kingston.

Can the City or Kingston Hydro cancel existing leases for radio communication infrastructure?
Permits that allow antenna owners to attach to Kingston Hydro or City poles contain a clause which would allow Kingston Hydro or the City to remove any 5G-capable small cell antennas attached to their properties.  However, antenna-owners could attach to attach to their own privately-owned poles.

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