The City is reviewing the on-street parking in portions of  the Inner Harbour and Williamsville North neighbourhoods to understand parking pressures that may exist now or are expected to occur in the future due to increased development and the parking demand created by nearby businesses and institutions.

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Williamsville North Area Map

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Neighbourhood residents value on-street parking for their own use and for the short term use of their visitors.  Motorists attending nearby activity centres, places of employment, and institutions often seek free, long term parking in residential areas.  Development and construction projects can also create congestion in residential areas. 

Residential streets, especially those with free, unregulated parking can become overwhelmed by this parking spillover, especially during the weekday period when commuter parking is high.

In other neighbourhoods within the City where on-street parking pressures have been identified the City has implemented an on-street parking program to manage parking, with a goal to:

  1. Improve the ability of residents and their visitors to access parking on their streets.
  2. Achieve a balance between local and non-local parkers, and between short, medium and longer term parkers.
  3. Encourage commuters to utilize the parking supply available through their employer and/or consider alternate travel options such as public transit.
  4. Provide commuters with limited permitted parking, without having a negative effect on the area residents.
Find out more about the program on the on-street parking page.

This survey is seeking additional input on the parking concerns or pressures that these neighbourhoods may be facing following the public information sessions held in June 2016. The feedback from these sessions and this survey will help the City determine if the on-street parking program is suitable for some or all of the streets within the Inner Harbour and Williamsville North neighbourhoods. Survey closes September 9.


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