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Committee of Adjustment - Public Hearings - August 27, 2018

August 21, 2018 -

Monday August 27, 2018 at 5:30p.m. at 1211 John Counter Boulevard

3794 Brewers Mills Rd – D13-031-2018

Minor Variance Application to request a reduction in the side yard setback requirement in the 'A2' zone to construct a 37.2 square metre garage/workshop located in the rear yard. The reduction is requested as a result of the existing width of the lot, the location of the septic system and the increased setbacks for accessory uses in the rural area.

1317 Unity Rd – D13-035-2018

Minor Variance Application to request the replacement of an existing garage with a new garage that is slightly larger in area. The existing garage is legal non-complying as it projects into required exterior side yard. The new garage will project into the exterior side yard to the same extent as the existing garage, with an enlargement towards the rear yard.

1 Emily Street – D13-037-2018

Minor Variance Application to request to construct a new addition that would contain additional living space and a two car garage. In order to facilitate the building addition, the applicant is proposing to decrease the rear yard setback and increase the maximum building depth.

66 Kenwoods Circle – D13-038-2018

Minor Variance Application to request to reduce the setback from a floodplain to permit the construction of a swimming pool, shed and retaining wall and to reduce the side yard setback requirement for the shed from the northern property line.

150 Pauline Tom Avenue – D13-032-2018

Minor Variance Application to request an amendment to Section 5(11)(c) of the zoning bylaw to not have the setbacks apply to the zoning lines but to the lot lines for lots with multiple zones. The subject property at 150 Pauline Tom Avenue contains 3 zone boundaries – R11-1, R12-1 and R12-2. The property at 163 Pauline Tom Avenue contains 2 zone boundaries – R11-1 and R12. It is requested that for these lots where multiple zones intersect, the most stringent zone provisions within the applicable zones will apply.

944 Clearfield Crescent – D13-039-2018

Minor Variance Application to request a reduction to the exterior side yard setback requirement to permit the construction of a detached accessory structure for a workshop and storage space.

180 Churchill Crescent – D13-042-2018

Minor Variance Application to request to reduce the minimum front yard depth from 7.5 metres to 5.98 metres in the ‘A' zone in Zoning Bylaw Number 8399 to enclose an existing 3.34 square metre covered front porch to create a vestibule and construct a new 8.6 square metre covered porch along a 5 metre section of the front wall, south of the existing porch. An additional variance is requested to increase the maximum permitted residential building depth to recognize the overall building depth as a result of enclosing the 3.34 square metre front porch and the construction of a 9.3 square metre, two storey addition to the rear of the dwelling.

20 and 28 Cliff Crescent. – D13-040-2018, D13-041-2018 and D10-031-2018

Minor Variance Application to request to reduce the minimum required parking rate at both 20 and 28 Cliff Crescent from 1.4 parking spaces per dwelling unit to 1.0 parking spaces per dwelling unit, and to permit off-site parking for 9 residential dwelling units at 20 Cliff Crescent to be located at 28 Cliff Crescent. A Consent (easement) Application has been submitted concurrently to permit pedestrian and vehicular access and parking on 28 Cliff Crescent, in favour of Cliff Crescent, to access the proposed off-site parking arrangement. Permission for the electrical distribution system at 28 Cliff Crescent to service 20 Cliff Crescent is also included in the proposed easement. The purpose of the proposed variances and consent (easement) is to facilitate the construction of 9 proposed townhome dwelling units at 20 Cliff Crescent with off-site parking, and to maximize the amount of landscaped open space and amenity area available for these proposed units.

583 Fay Street – D13-044-2018

Minor Variance Application to request to add a detached garage for the storage of vehicles and additional storage and work space. The construction of the new garage will project into the front yard of the subject property.The applicant is seeking relief to allow an accessory structure within a required setback, front yard, or front yard depth as well as a reduction from the minimum 7.5 metre front yard setback requirement to 1 metre for the new garage.

122 Wellington Street – D13-045-2018

Minor Variance Application to request to convert the existing building containing a ground floor commercial unit and a second floor residential unit into a 2 unit dwelling by converting the ground floor commercial unit into one residential unit. Renovations will be internal only, with no exterior changes.

Additional information on the above application can be viewed online at or at the Planning Division, 1211 John Counter Boulevard, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. For an appointment or to obtain further information respecting the applications, please call 613-546-4291, extension 3180.

Dated at Kingston, Ontario this 21st day of August, 2018.