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null Offer input on draft community benefit guidelines

July 11, 2017 -

The City invites builders and residents to provide their input on a draft Community Benefit Guidelines that will guide future processes for securing community benefits in a fair, clear, transparent and predictable manner.

The open house is set for Tuesday July 25 from 5 to 7 p.m., with a presentation from staff at 6 p.m., in Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St.

"The exchange of increased height and/or density in return for community benefits is a powerful planning instrument available to municipalities through the Planning Act," says Greg Newman, manager of policy planning. "The City has used the authority available through the Planning Act three times to secure community benefits and we are looking to the public to share their input on the draft set of Community Benefit Guidelines we have developed to guide future community benefit discussions."

Under the Planning Act, the City may allow increased height or density on a site in exchange for facilities, services or something else that will benefit the community. The City would like to secure community benefits in a fair, clear, transparent and predictable manner. The draft set of Community Benefit Guidelines is available on the City's website

The community benefits process is regulated by Section 37 of the Planning Act. To take advantage of Section 37 of the Act, municipalities must have enabling policies in their Official Plan. The City's Official Plan contains these policies in Section 9 Administration & Implementation (see sections 9.5.25 to 9.5.30).

The City has policies in its Official Plan for allowing increases in height or density in return for community facilities or services (community benefits) and is looking to establish guidelines to support discussions and the acquisition of benefits. Corresponding amendments to the Official Plan are also proposed to support the City's use of the Guidelines and to provide clarity of expectations and process to the public.

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