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Public Hearings - Committee of Adjustment

June 18, 2013 -

Public Hearings – Monday, June 24, at 5 p.m.,
in the second floor Board Room, 1211 John Counter Blvd.

New Items

D10-023-2013, Ryan & Peter Poser, 70 Chatham St.

Consent to sever a 217.2 square metre parcel of land to merge on title with the abutting parcel of land at 60 Chatham Street.

D10-024-2013, Ryan & Peter Poser, 60 Chatham St.

Minor variances in the minimum front yard and minimum aggregate side yard requirements for the proposed redevelopment of the lot (subject to D10-023-2013).

D10-027-2013, Ross McIlquham & Estate of Florence Jewell, 1075 Highway #2

Consent to sever a 0.12 hectare parcel of land for the purpose of a lot addition to the abutting parcel at 52 Faircrest Boulevard.

D10-028-2013, Ross McIlquham & Estate of Florence Jewell, 1075 Highway #2

Minor variance in the minimum lot area requirement to accommodate a lot addition (subject to D10-027-2013).

D10-029-2013, James McIlquham, 54 Faircrest Blvd.

Consent to create a 10 metre right-of-way over the eastern portion of 54 Faircrest Blvd. to provide road access from Faircrest Boulevard to 52 Faircrest Blvd.

D10-031-2013, Michael & Sharon Thompson, 29 Seventh Ave.

Minor variance to permit the construction of a 75.67 square metre, second storey addition over the existing single family dwelling.

D10-032-2013, Jason Platt & Sarah Thompson, 69 Helen St.

Minor variances to permit the enclosure of a covered deck at the rear of the dwelling and widen an enclosed front porch and steps within the front yard, and to permit the construction of a detached garage in the similar location of an existing detached garage.

D10-033-2013, Erwin Kooi & Ruth Noordegraaf, 288 Phillips St.

Minor variances to permit the construction of a vestibule into the front yard and to recognize the location of an existing attached carport.

Plans and additional information about the applications can be viewed at the Planning & Development Department, 1211 John Counter Blvd., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. For an appointment or to obtain further information respecting the applications, please call Tim Fisher, Planner at 613-546-4291, ext. 3215 or Alex Adams, Intermediate Planner at ext. 3219.

DATED at Kingston, Ontario this 18th day of June, 2013