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About the Project

Kingston Airport is expanding!

The expansion of Kingston Airport is one of the major strategic initiatives of council. 

The City of Kingston has completed the extension of its runway and is expanding Kingston Airport's terminal. The airport remains open for business throughout this $16.1 million upgrade work.

See the plans for expansion in the Airport Infrastructure Project Definition Document.

The need to expand the airport was first identified in the 2007 Airport Master Plan Study and the need for a longer runway was affirmed by the 2012 Business Case for Expansion – Kingston Airport.

Terminal expansion

In April 2018 work began to expand the terminal and reconfigure it to increase the number of passengers that can be accommodated. All upgrades will comply with international airport standards and the City and passengers can look forward to:

  • Check-in, baggage processing and delivery systems that can comfortably handle peak demand.
  • Enhanced accessibility features.
  • Improved energy efficiency.


Here are some drawings of how the upgraded terminal will look (click for larger view):

Front View - Daytime Rendering
Front View - Nighttime Rendering
Rear View - Evening Rendering
Rear View - Daytime Rendering


An Environmental Assessment for extension of the runway was completed in 2016. It included detailed and comprehensive public consultations.

This year Transport Canada implemented new regulations (called the "Aerodrome Work Consultations Regulations") which apply to runway extensions. As a result, the City conducted an additional consultation on the proposed runway work this summer. See the resulting report on the Aerodrome Work Consultation.

In 2018, the City:

  • Extended the runway from 4,929 ft. to 6,000 ft. enabling aircraft to take off with more distance available, pushing aircraft higher over residential areas.
  • Maintained the same landing points to keep landing aircraft no lower than today.
  • Installed a new approach lighting system on airport land to improve reliability.
  • Had improvements certified to the highest standards of Transport Canada.

Runway Expansion Map
Click for a larger view

History of the Kingston Airport


Fast facts

  • 70,000+ people travel through Kingston Airport each year.
  • Air Canada offers seven flights a day between Kingston and Toronto.
  • The business case to expand the airport outlines that the Kingston market generates more than 650,000 passengers a year.