Airport Land Use - Latest Updates

Airport Land Use


The Highest and Best Land use Study for the Norman Rogers Airport - Final Report will be presented to the Planning Committee at their June 7, 2018 meeting. View Planning Committee meeting agendas and reports.


  • Spring/Summer 2018: Present Highest and Best Land Use Study final report and its recommendations to planning committee
  • Summer 2016: Public survey for additional input on the initial concepts
  • June 13, 2016: Present the findings and preliminary concepts at a public meeting for input
  • Spring 2016: Drafted a report of findings and preliminary recommendations/concepts to develop the Airport
  • Fall 2015 to spring 2016:
    • Conducted primary and secondary research
    • Held stakeholder meetings – including meetings with the local business community
    • Reviewed comparable airports in other communities and trends in aviation
  • October 7, 2015: Held a public information session
  • October 2015: Conducted an online survey

Project Timeline

If you require an accessible format of the timeline land use graphic please contact 613-546-0000 or