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Public Engagement Framework

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About the Project

The Public Engagement Framework was approved by City council on Oct. 3, 2017. It  outlines an engagement process that is clear, fair and collaborative and  allows residents to:

  • be engaged in discussions that shape City efforts that most interest and/or affect them;
  • offer input for the benefit of decision-makers; and
  • understand how input is incorporated into the decision-making process.

The framework outlines:

  • Realistic expectations for engagement
  • Key principles to guide public engagement
  • Roles and responsibilities for employees,  residents, stakeholders and council
  • An approach to planning public engagements
  • Tools and techniques

The City of Kingston's 2015-2018 Strategic Plan identified transparency and citizen engagement as an initiative under its Open Government priority. The Public Engagement Framework is one of the efforts underway to address that initiative.

Project Details

Type: Framework/guiding document
Start Date: Spring 2015
Projected End Date: Fall 2017
Status: The comments received are currently being reviewed and the public engagement framework and worksheets are being reviewed based on the input provided.