Third Crossing - Project Library Phases 1-3

Third Crossing - Project Library Phases 1-3

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This is an archived version of the Third Crossing project page for phases 1-3. These phases  were completed in 2017. View the Third Crossing website for the latest information.


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Report Documents

Environmental Study Report

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Download the full Environmental Study Report with text based information only (all figures removed).

Project Summary

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Report Sections

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Stage One EA Documents

Environmental Assessments - Stage 1

Existing Transportation Conditions


Summarizes key current and planned transportation networks in the EA study area. (Oct. 2009)

Fisheries Background Review


A review of the aquatic aspects (submergent plants, fish and fish habitat and freshwater mussels) of the EA study. (Oct. 2009)

Landscape Analysis, Background Report


Describes the EA study area's cycling connections, paths and trails, protect views and landscape character as they relate to the planning framework for each of the possible planning corridors. (Oct. 2009)

Preliminary Constraints Analysis


Offers an overview of the available natural heritage information regarding the EA study area. (Oct. 2009)

Summary of Environmental Planning Stage 1


A desktop review of existing available environmental information to identify potential issues of environmental concern. (Oct. 2009)

Preliminary Geotechnical considerations


An overview of the geotechnical considerations regarding the EA study area. (Oct. 2009)

Heritage Properties Survey


Provides information on heritage properties with the EA study area that have been identified by a government authority as having cultural heritage value. (Oct. 2009)

Environmental Assessment, Stage 1 Summary Report


A review of the EA study findings during Stage 1 and identification of a preferred alternative, corridor location and preliminary capital cost information


Stage Two EA Documents


Environmental Assessments - Stage 2

Summary Of Sediment Sampling, Environmental Planning, Stage Two EA


A report on the sediment sampling program undertaken within the preferred corridor.

Geotechnical and Geophysical Findings and Preliminary Guidelines


A report on geotechnical and geophysical survey investigations to determine subsurface soil and bedrock characteristics and preliminary bridge design considerations within the preferred corridor.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, John Counter Boulevard and Gore Road Alignment


A Phase I ESA report of the preferred corridor area that documents current study area conditions and identifies existing and former operations/activities that could potentially pose environmental concern for contaminants.

Phase Two Traffic Analysis


An assessment of the preferred corridor location to determine the expected timing of the need to go from a 2-lane bridge to a 4-lane bridge as well as on-land lane and intersection requirements.

Aquatic Environment - Preferred Corridor Existing Conditions and Impact Analysis


An assessment of the aquatic environment within the preferred corridor, potential impacts from bridge construction options and mitigation measures.

Terrestrial Environment - Preferred Corridor Existing Conditions and Impact Analysis


An assessment of the terrestrial environment within the preferred corridor, potential impacts from bridge construction options and mitigation measures.

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment


A heritage impact statement for the preferred corridor focusing on the Rideau Canal and Gore Road Library.

Hydraulic Modelling Report


A report on the hydraulic modelling work done on the bridge design concepts.

Environmental Noise Assessment


A noise impact assessment of alternative bridge concepts on noise sensitive areas within the preferred corridor and potential mitigation measures.

Traffic Impact of Various Road Improvements Report


An assessment of the potential effects of various road network scenarios associated with implementation of the 3rd Crossing.

Landscape Design Narrative


A landscape design narrative of the lands within the preferred corridor, including the main bridge elements.