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Williamsville is the portion of Princess Street between Division Street and the Bath Road/Concession intersection.

Williamsville Main Street Reconstruction Project

Crews have returned to Williamsville to complete finishing touches to the reconstruction of this area, such as landscaping and driveway repairs. The majority of work to reconstruct Princess Street was completed last year.

Construction schedule:

  • Princess Street between MacDonnell and Bath including Tower Street – completed.
  • Drayton Street - final asphalt spring 2015
  • Albert Street from Princess to 60m north of Mack - final asphalt spring 2015
  • Frontenac Street from Jenkins to York - final asphalt spring 2015

Once complete, these sections of Williamsville will have new road, curb, storm sewer, sidewalk and finishes and new sanitary sewer and water service. The storm and sanitary sewer, which is currently combined, will be separated as part of this work, decreasing the likelihood of flooding to neighbours downstream.

Project facts:

  • Cost is approximately $8.3 million
  • Sanitary pipe – 1450 m
  • Storm pipe – 1050 m
  • Watermain – 1190 m
  • Asphalt – 15,000 sq meters
  • Concrete sidewalks – 4,500 sq meters

While the City has been diligent in its understanding of this historic area and completed archaeological, environmental and foundation reviews, other factors are always a risk which could lead to delays.

The road will be closed to motorists but businesses will remain open and accessible throughout the work.


On Oct. 16, Council approved report #12-338, that will see six projects from the original 2011–2014 Infrastructure Plan deferred to make way for new projects required to accommodate development in the Williamsville area. There are a number of vacant and underutilized properties in this area and an opportunity and interest in intensification, but major upgrades are required to the underground infrastructure to accommodate such development.

Infrastructure work originally planned for 2013 on Kingscourt and Seventh and work planned for 2014 on Barrie, Russell, Victoria and Cameron has been deferred to allow work in the Williamsvillle area to proceed.

Cycling lanes to be added to Williamsville Main Street

Cycling lanes have been added to the plans to develop Williamsville Main Street, the 1.7 km length of Princess Street between Division Street and Bath Road/Concession Street.

Working at the direction of Council and incorporating input from public and area stakeholders, the City's consultant, Brook McIlroy prepared a report which recommends the preferred design concept: a dedicated cycling lane using a painted buffer.

Next, the detailed design will be undertaken by the Engineering Department and Utilities Kingston as part of the Williamsville Main Street Reconstruction Project.

An August 2013 City staff report to the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Planning Committee outlines the consultation process and explains how the painted buffer was determined to be an appropriate compromise between the interest of the public in having a dedicated cycling facility in the Williamsville Main Street, and the maintenance and operational concerns for roads and transit of various City departments.





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