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In 2014, Council created a Belle Park Working Group to provide staff advice on matters related to operations and upgrades to the park.

In 2016, surveys were conducted to understand how the park space is used, particularly with respect golf. Based on public feedback, the Belle Park Working group recommended the City consult the public and explore options to reduce, modify or eliminate golf and increase other recreation or naturalization opportunities.

In the summer of 2017, a series of public engagement sessions were hosted from workshops, focus groups, park tours, and surveys to seek ideas on the future opportunities for Belle Park. As a result of the public feedback in September 2017, Council directed staff to eliminate the operations and maintenance of the 9-hole golf course, initiate discussions with the Kingston Pickleball Association and Panthers Rugby Club to explore partnership models for Belle Park and to undertake a master planning exercise that includes recommendations as described in Report 17-249.

From May to July 2018, the City and consultants developed two draft master plan concepts for Belle Park based on public feedback from 2017 and consultation with stakeholders, the Belle Park Working Group and members of the Indigenous community. The draft concepts (Concept 1 and Concept 2) and proposed naturalization area were presented at an open house on May 22, a pop-up event on June 6, and through an online survey from May 24 to June 8. In-person consultation with stakeholders, focus groups and the Belle Park Working group was also undertaken.

Information from the May 2018 open house:


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