Parked Cars

About the Project

The City operates a number of downtown surface parking lots that provide short-term and permit parking. These lots are also prime locations for development and intensification. The City is reviewing options to replace this parking supply downtown.

The Byron Lot is located at 169 Queen St., on the north side of Queen Street between Montreal and Sydenham. It operates as a surface parking lot with 74 spaces for permit holders. It is about 420 metres from the centre of the North Block District – the location of the parking it is proposed to replace.

The Byron Lot has been identified as a site for a potential future parking structure. City council has directed staff to conduct a feasibility study of the site and to provide a design recommendation on a parking structure.

On July 11, 2017 council awarded the contract for technical studies, options analysis and preliminary design for a new parking facility at 169 Queen St. to Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. (see the July 11, 2017 Report to Council).

To complete this work, a number of technical studies will be completed (see latest updates) including:

  • archaeology
  • heritage
  • transportation
  • land-use planning
  • site servicing
  • an assessment of potential natural environment constraints

Findings from these studies will be considered along with other key elements of a potential parking structure, including:

  • specific parking capacity and users
  • accessibility
  • amenities
  • appropriate parking technologies
  • safety
  • security
  • asset life-cycle planning
  • facility maintenance requirements