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The Clogg's Road Area is identified in the City's Official Plan as a business district, intended to accommodate employment uses. A secondary plan is required to understand opportunities and address issues related to its future land use before moving ahead with any type of development. 

The Clogg's Road area is located south of Highway 401, west of Gardiners Road, north of Creekford Road, and east of Collins Creek. View the study area map. It includes some existing residential homes, industrial uses, and natural environmental features, as well as a great deal of vacant land, mostly owned by the City. 

Latest Updates

December 2019

As part of preliminary site investigations to support a Zoning Bylaw amendment and draft plan of subdivision applications, the consultants are visiting the project site to investigate and collect information on noise, traffic, geotechnical investigations, etc.

Spring 2019

The initial phase of the consultant's work will involve a review of all background information (e.g., concept plans, community feedback summaries, Official Plan policy, Environmental Impact Assessments, etc.) and the completion of on-site due diligence necessary to support preliminary draft plan of subdivision design and planning analysis.

March 2019

Fotenn Consultants Inc in association with Forefront Engineering Inc was the successful proponent. The consultants have started working on the Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision for the Clogg's Road Area

October 2018

the City issued a Request for Proposal to hire consultants to undertake applications for Planning Act (development) approval.

August 2018

Information Report – Clogg's Road Area Secondary Plan presented at Planning Committee

Engagement Opportunities

May 29, 2018

Open house and information session. View the session documents:

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Project News

The City of Kingston is seeking community input as it begins work on a secondary plan to guide the future of the Clogg's Road area. Proposed changes ...

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