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About the Project

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Grass Creek Park is a 38.4 hectare community park located at 2991 Highway 2 in Kingston's east end. Improvements associated with the 2013 Grass Creek Park Master Plan are currently forecast to occur beyond the 15 year capital planning horizon; however, it was recognized in the Waterfront Master Plan that if opportunities for partnerships were identified for advancement of projects that these would be presented to Council for consideration.

It was identified that the highest priority element would be improvements to the existing washroom and change room facility.  In January 2018, Council approved the washroom and change room facility improvements.

Funding for the project is been provided in part by the Pittsburgh Community Benefit Fund. 

Project Timeline

  • 2013 - Development of Grass Creek Master Plan
  • Winter 2018 – Council approval of project
  • Spring 2018 – Public engagement
  • April 2018 – Geotechnical work
  • Summer 2018 – Refine design concepts and development of detailed design
  • Fall 2019 – Construction begins
  • 2020 – Construction complete

Engagement Opportunities

May 3, 2018: Open house and online survey to receive feedback on proposed design concepts.

May 3 to 17, 2018: Online survey

Project details

Type: Park Improvements
Start date: April 2018
Projected end date: 2019
Status: Active

Project News

The City is planning an upgrade of the washroom and change building in Grass Creek Park. The project will involve the reuse of a post and beam struc ...

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