Central Kingston Growth Strategy - Engagement

Central Kingston Growth Strategy - Engagement

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Central Kingston Growth & Infill Strategy

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Engagement Opportunities

Community Working Group

To engage the community, a working group has been established comprised of representatives from City council, Queen's University and St. Lawrence College, the student governments of these post-secondary institutions, and interested residents.

Completed Engagement

Public workshops – July 18, 2019

Residents were invited to attend one of two consultant-led workshops on at City Hall. 

The City's project team and consultants from WSP were seeking feedback from residents on:

  • As-of-right development permissions within the various neighbourhoods and zones identified in the study areas, while determining which elements should remain, change or be included in the new framework to preserve neighbourhood character;
  • Proposed intensification areas, based on the identified intensification criteria; and,
  • The form and scale of intensification that may be appropriate within intensification areas and key measures which are appropriate for transition between the proposed intensification areas an existing neighbourhoods.

Urban design workshop – June 28, 2018

The urban design workshop will seek feedback on study areas that may be appropriate for intensification – and on the scale and form of intensification. Participants will also be asked to identify compatibility principles (such as building height, setbacks from the street, setbacks between properties, landscaping, etc.) to be incorporated into the Strategy's framework to guide infill and intensification in the central Kingston.

Neighbourhood walks

The purpose of the neighbourhood walks is for residents to identify the existing character of the various neighbourhoods within the Central Kingston Growth Strategy study area. Neighbourhood character is a land use planning and urban design concept that focuses on the size, shape, location and type of buildings, along with their relationship to the size and shape of properties and the public realm. It is often associated with the era of a neighbourhood's development and is subject to change over time as the neighbourhood evolves.

Walk Information - City staff and the project team took neighbourhood walks, approximately 2 km long on June 14, 16, 25, 27. Paper feedback forms were provided during these walks for participants to provide feedback.

Not able to attend one or more of the facilitated neighbourhood walks? Take a self-guided neighbourhood walk using the maps and feedback forms below.

Walk 1 Location: Fairway Hills, Portsmouth

Walk 2 Location: Williamsville, Kingscourt

Walk 3 Location: Sunnyside, Alwington

Walk 4 Location: Queens, Sydenham

Walk 5 Location: Rideau Heights, Markers Acres

Walk 6 Location: Strathcona, Hillendale, Grenville  

Walk 7 Location: Polson Park, Calvin Park


Strategy launch open house - March 28, 2018

Online survey

Feedback was collected through the survey, March 14 to April 6.