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The City is committed to rehabilitating existing elements of our road network  and constructing new roadways with the latest proven and sustainable methods. Our planning processes analyze opportunities for efficiencies with data collection, contractor procurement, shovel-ready design necessary for grants from upper levels of government, improved coordination between project stakeholders and improved communication.

Projects are selected based on a number of factors:

  • existing long-term infrastructure plans;
  • various master plans;
  • condition and risk assessments, and;
  • need for new road work to support development.

Rehabilitation techniques include:

  • Crack sealing
  • Surface treatment (tar and chip)
  • Pavement preservation
  • Asphalt replacement

2020 Road Work Focus

The 2020 capital road rehabilitation program is a balanced approach that includes capital works on arterial/collector roadways as well as local and low-volume roadways. For the 2020 road work plan, work is classified into:

  • Arterial & Collector Roads
  • Reconstruction and/or rehabilitation projects to correspond with work being done by Utilities Kingston
  • Preventative Maintenance (including microsurfacing, crack sealing and localized asphalt repair)
  • Local roads
    • Repaving road surfaces
    • Preventative maintenance (patch repair and crack sealing)
    • Installing an asphalt overlay
  • Surface-treated roads (regrading and resurfacing roads)
  • Utility road work with right of ways

On Nov. 26, 2019, Council was presented with a 2020-2022 capital budget for road works and other infrastructure projects (listed in Exhibit B starting on e-page 45 of the budget report).

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We have a robust customer service system that allows customers to call in with comments. The comments are distributed to the appropriate department and are considered in the overall road evaluation process. Contact a person at customer service

Motorists and cyclists can keep up with where/when repair work is taking place by:

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