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What is major reconstruction?

Streets in need of significant repair and/or underground sewer, water and electrical utility work are classed as major reconstruction projects. Streets under major reconstruction will often be closed to traffic with the exception of local residents and access to businesses.

When will reconstruction begin on my street?

It is extremely difficult to determine the exact date a major reconstruction project will begin. Other considerations, such as the need to minimize impact on traffic flow or take advantage of the opportunities to maximize budget and workload efficiencies, may also lead to delays. For instance, sidewalks in some neighbourhoods (i.e. Calvin Park) were originally scheduled to be replaced over a number of years and this project has since been consolidated into a single year, delaying sidewalk replacements in other areas. Unexpected delays due to weather and working conditions will often occur and are beyond the City's control. However, as the construction date draws near, you will be notified.

How will I be notified before major reconstruction begins?

Approximately one month before the project begins, the tender is advertised in the newspaper. The tender invites contractors to bid on a reconstruction project. Around the same time property owners will receive an introductory letter from the City advising that a reconstruction project will be taking place adjacent to their property. Two to three weeks before the project is scheduled to begin, the City and Utilities Kingston will hold a meeting with affected property owners and street residents. A letter about an information meeting on the upcoming project will be sent to each property owner .

Two to three weeks before the project begins, an information package is sent to each property owner announcing the name of the successful contractor with contact information and the contractor's responsibility. Also included in the package are:

  • Information concerning the reconstruction process.
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the reconstruction process.
  • A letter detailing how to obtain on-street parking passes (if so required).

What happens to garbage, recycling and Green Bin while my street is under construction?

Continue to place your garbage and recycling at street-side before 6 a.m. on your usual collection day. The contractor is responsible for moving your garbage and recycling from the front of your property to the corner of the street. The City will collect at the corner on your usual collection day. Please clearly mark your address on your Blue and Grey Box, Green Bin or garbage can and the contractor will return them to the front of your property.

Who will repair my driveway and lawn following major reconstruction?

As part of the contract agreement, if your lawn or driveway is affected by reconstruction, the contractor will restore your driveway, walk and lawn to their original form. The City will not replace trees, hedges or flower beds planted on the right-of-way.

How will parking and access to my driveway/property be affected during construction?

If there is construction in front of your home, you will not have access to your driveway. Before the project you will receive an information package explaining how to get an on-street parking pass (if necessary) allowing you to park on the street overnight without being ticketed. You will have access to your property at all times through access created by the contractor. Accessibility accommodations can be made for residents with disabilities or residents who use mobility devices. Once the construction has finished in front of your home, you will be free to access your driveway.

Why are certain trees removed during construction?

Trees may be in the way of underground infrastructure, or they may be aged or diseased and in danger of falling. The City has trained arborists inspect trees before construction and make recommendations on whether a tree poses a danger to pedestrians or property.

What is resurfacing? (overlay)

Resurfacing refers to a number of different construction techniques where, generally, a new surface is added on top of the existing surface. The overlay/resurfacing process and materials will vary depending on the current condition and usage of the street. In some cases, the existing asphalt is ground, leaving an uneven surface for a few days before a new asphalt surface is placed. In most cases you will not be personally notified prior to resurfacing. Find out more about the Microsurfacing and Fibremat processes used by the City.

What is sidewalk construction, reconstruction and a sidewalk access ramp?

"Construction" refers to a new sidewalk where no sidewalk exists. "Reconstruction" refers to removing and replacing an existing sidewalk. A letter will be sent to your home prior to construction or reconstruction. A sidewalk access ramp is usually found on a street corner. The access ramp provides pedestrians using a wheelchair, walker or stroller with safe passage from sidewalk to street or street to sidewalk. Bus stops will also be upgraded or added as required during sidewalk construction.

Will I be notified when utilities (i.e. water, gas, electricity) are shut off?

The contractor provides written notice to affected property owners at least 48 hours ahead of a planned utility shutoff. Some shutoffs may be only a few hours – as with switchovers to temporary water feeds – or longer, as with switchovers to new water mains. Unanticipated shutoffs due to damaged water main valves and other unforeseen circumstances may also be required during construction.

Will Emergency Services (e.g. fire, police, and ambulance) still be able to access my home?

Yes. The City and Utilities Kingston provide updates on road closures to Emergency Services at all times. Emergency services will be aware of access issues in your areas.

How will Kingston Transit be affected by the construction?

If bus routes are affected by construction, Kingston Transit will create detours and temporary bus stops along the detoured route. Vist the detours page for more information, or call 613-546-0000, or listen to Information Radio 106.3 FM.

Why is my street not on the list?

The City has rated all of the streets based on their current condition and usage. A priority list has been created from this collected data. Using the priority list, the City coordinates its efforts and budgets with the water, sewer, gas and electrical priorities of Utilities Kingston. Those streets rating highest on the combined list have been considered first priority for the four-year Infrastructure Program. The information collected will also be used to determine construction and reconstruction programs in future years.

Where can I find more information?

The City is committed to providing up-to-date information here.

As construction dates are confirmed, the information will be added to the website. Additional contact information will also be available on the website or by contacting us (see details at right). 

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