John Counter Boulevard is a major east-west arterial route that passes across the top of Kingston from the Cataraqui River to Princess Street. It is an important and growing employment and shopping area and acts as a link to four of Kingston's main thoroughfares: Montreal Street, Division Street, Princess Street and Taylor-Kidd Boulevard. More than 20,000 vehicles and 50 trains pass through this crossing on John Counter Boulevard each day.

The project is broken up into five distinct construction phases which include the widening from Division Street. to Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard, that completed Phase 1 and 2 in 2013.

Project Phase 4

Phase 4 work – widening John Counter to four lanes between Sir John A. Macdonald and Indian Road – will be complete by the end of this construction season.

Phase 3

Update November 2017
The final layer of rock for the embankment over the rail line is now being added to the bridge embankments. Motorists and cyclist should expect occasional delays over the course of this work. The final phase of work will involve realigning Portsmouth Avenue and building the bridge over the rail line. That work is tentatively scheduled for 2018-19.

December 2016: The City collected soil samples for testing in preparation to widen John Counter Boulevard, between Indian Road and Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard, starting this spring – Phase 4 of the larger project to widen John Counter and build a bridge over the CN Rail tracks. Phase 3 of John Counter widening project involves building the embankment for the bridge with hundreds of truck-loads of rock fill. This work will also continue in early spring of 2017.

The bridge embankment construction in Phase 3 includes adding rock fill and other material to the wetland area around John Counter Boulevard and the CN rail line. This will create a stable base for the bridge over the rail line. New wetland areas will be created to offset the area that will be filled-in for the overpass. Placing the rock fill will take approximately three years to ensure the base has settled enough to allow the rail overpass to be constructed.

There will be three additional levels of rock loaded in the future. The timing of these additional stages will depend on how quickly the existing ground settles.

Monitoring equipment has been installed to measure the settlement and help determine when the next layer of rock fill can be placed. Once the settlement is achieved, another layer of rock fill will be placed and, again, the area will be left to settle. This process will be repeated the embankment is approximately eight metres above the original ground elevation at its highest point and settlement is achieved. Then the construction of the bridge can begin.

Remaining project phases

The remaining phases, which stretch from Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard to Princess Street, include:

Phase 5

Re-alignment of Portsmouth Avenue and construction of the bridge over the rail line. This work is scheduled to begin in 2018-19.

2015-18 Infrastructure Plan

Council has directed staff to proceed with the remaining phases of this $67 million project as part of the 2015-18 Infrastructure Plan.

The project's Environmental Study Report was completed and received approval from the Provincial Government that the City could proceed to construction.

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