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McBurney Park Project

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About the Project

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McBurney Park, also known as Skeleton Park, is in the Inner Harbour neighbourhood and sits on what was Kingston's primary cemetery, known as the Upper Burial Ground, up until 1850 when it became the Cataraqui Cemetery. It is estimated that up to 10,000 people were buried on the property prior to 1864. Archaeological monitoring will occur for the duration of the project. 

Proposed park improvements:

  • converting the existing wading pool into a splash pad
  • replacing the safety surfacing in the playground
  • replacing some playground equipment
  • new pathway with seating

Any construction within the park is subject to archaeological constraints and the existing footprint of the wading pool will be used to construct the new splash pad and playground improvements also will occur within the footprint of the existing playground.

Public Engagement

  • Nov. 7, 2019 - open house
  • Dec. 17, 2018 - information session

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Park Location


Project Timeline

  • Fall 2019

    Public engagement
  • Summer 2020


Contact - General - Patricia Sharpe