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Council has asked City staff to examine the implications of closing this stretch of Napier Street, between Brock and Mack.

Motion to examine closing Napier Street

Made at Nov. 1, 2016 Council meeting

Whereas Williamsville District currently has the lowest parkland per capita ratio in Kingston; and

Whereas even with the acquisition of 671 Brock Street the local residents remain concerned about having adequate greenspace at that location; and

Whereas Churchill Park, adjacent across Napier Street from 671 Brock Street, is primarily occupied by permanent natural fixtures with no open space for ball games and other play areas for children; and

Whereas the proposed housing developments on 671 Brock Street would need adequate parking; and

Whereas the current use of the block of Napier Street in Mack Street and Brock Street is that of a secondary road with low traffic volume;

Therefore Be It Resolved That staff examine the implications to traffic and local residents on closing that one block of Napier Street to motor vehicle traffic only, and report back, in Q1 2017, with options that would increase the amount of parkland space, as well as parking space for potential housing nearby.


The portion of Napier Street under discussion runs between Churchill Park and 671 Brock St., a former school property. That property is under consideration to be redeveloped to include public parkland, affordable housing and private market housing. View the details on the 671 Brock St. project.