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Image: Block 4 of the North Block District. This City owned property is bounded by Ontario Street, The Tragically Hip Way, King Street and Queen Street.

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Applications on Block 3 and 5 go to planning committee
Planning applications affecting Blocks 3 and 5 of the North Block were reviewed at a planning committee meeting on Feb. 18, 2016. You can view details on these active applications using DASH – the development applications and services hub.

The North Block District consists of five blocks located in the core of downtown Kingston, just above Ontario Street, which runs along the lake and just north of Princess Street, the city's main street. See the document library (link at right) for documents, presentations and reports related to this key Kingston district.

Privately owned lands in Block 3 (north side of Queen Street between King and Wellington streets) and Block 5 (south side of Queen Street between King and Ontario streets) were purchased by Homestead Landholdings in 2014.

Design guidelines for new development on City-owned Block 4 (north of Queen Street between King and Ontario) have been approved by city Council. See answers to FAQ about Block 4 here.

The sale of Block 4 has been delayed by Council while development applications are being reviewed for Block 3 and Block 5.  City staff is working with North Block developers to ensure an adequate supply of public parking in the North Block District and surrounding area during and after the redevelopment of these lands.


Much of the North Block District's land in this key core district is considered a brownfield site, as a result of previous industrial activities – and many of the buildings and sites it contains are also of heritage interest.  Currently, a significant portion of the district is used for surface parking. Zoning allows for a broad range of uses, from residential and limited commercial to a hotel/convention centre.

Key dates and actions related to the North Block District:

August, 2014 – Design guidelines for new development on Block 4 were approved by Council and can be found in the document library.

December, 2013 – Convention Centre Feasibility Study report goes to Council. The study can be found in the document library. If you would like more detailed background data email

October, 2013 – A detailed inventory of the heritage buildings at 19-23 Queen Street along with recommendations for preservation and conservation and guidelines for how new buildings on Block 4 should integrate with the heritage buildings is presented to the municipal heritage committee.

October, 2013 – Council approves that Block 4, including the 19-23 Queen Street buildings, be declared surplus to City needs.

April, 2013 – report to council results in direction on several aspects of development of Block 4 including:

  • building uses,
  • building height,
  • parking ratios,
  • public parking requirements,
  • heritage building preservation,
  • value proposition for public benefits and financial benefits,
  • conference centre uses on site, and
  • obtaining the necessary statutory approvals.

March, 2013 – City hosts a public open house, where several potential development scenarios are presented. The public provides comments on the information presented

November, 2012 – update provided to Council on a proposed action plan and timeline for the eventual sale of Block 4 to a private developer, through a two stage Request for Proposal process.

2009 – Council approved the recommendations in the North Block Community and Business Enhancement Opportunities (2009).



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