North King's Town - Latest Updates

North Kings Town area


Phase 2: Technical studies

Work continues on the technical studies that form the basis of the secondary plan for North King's Town. Community engagement events were held in October 2018 and included opportunities for people to review and comment on the following:

Land use

A preliminary land use plan that included draft policies for land use, built form, and the public realm.


A review of the initial findings of the draft transportation plan. This includes a recommendation not to proceed with the Wellington Street Extension, and a list of other improvements to the overall transportation system, including connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cultural heritage

  • Preliminary findings from review and analysis of historical themes involving built form, landscapes, and intangible heritage.
  • A review of various mechanisms for the conservation of cultural heritage resources
  • Following the October engagement events, a historic chronology of North King's Town was released. This chronology has been prepared as part of the background research for the cultural heritage resources study.

Phase 1: Community visioning exercise and preliminary market analysis

The Visioning Report & Preliminary Market Analysis for the North King's Town Secondary Plan was approved by Council on June 6, 2017.

The community visioning exercise and preliminary market analysis were conducted as the first phase of the overall secondary planning process. The community visioning exercise component involved the creation of a community vision statement, planning principles, and design directions for the secondary plan. It involved extensive consultation throughout a large portion of 2016 and included numerous community engagement events. The preliminary market analysis was intended to support the development of a realistic, balanced, and achievable vision for NKT by reviewing local economic factors and broader development market trends.

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