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July 14 update

Re-built for the 21st century, Princess Street reopened to traffic on Canada Day! Work continues on surface features. Occassional lane reductions may be necessary to complete work.

  • Final section of sidewalk on the north side of Princess is being poured today.
  • Surface asphalt will be added to Princess after Labour Day to avoid peak tourist season.
  • Crews will move to the south side to work on granite curb and footings up to Clergy Street next week.
  • Planter installation continues.
  • Banner pole bases have been installed.
  • The traffic signal at Princess and Clergy will be turned on next week.

Work continues to the side streets

  • Pole bases have been installed for street lights on Montreal Street.
  • Montreal Street between Princess and Brock will remain closed until the end of July for underground work.
  • Montreal Street between Princess and Queen will be closed until mid- August for crews to start underground servicing.  Storm and sanitary mains are being installed at the Montreal/Queen intersection.
  • Service work on Sydenham Street begins next week.
  • Street lights will be put in place on Montreal Street within the next two weeks.
  • The Whig walk through the Grand Theatre will have extended hours through July 8.
Businesses are open and accessible during construction.

Princess Street is Kingston's street.  It's where we go to shop, meet, dine and enjoy our vibrant, lively, healthy and historic downtown. We are built around it. Princess Street is our spine. And we're taking good care of it.

In 2010, the City began remaking history on Princess Street by reconstructing it between Lake Ontario and King Street East. The rebuilding continued in 2013-14 between King Street East and Bagot Street. This project is part of the City's Downtown Action Plan.

Updating the above and below-ground infrastructure from building-face to building-face allows the City to build the capacity of its infrastructure to allow for future growth and augment the beauty of this historic street.

The latest major phase of this project began in January 2016 and includes reconstruction of:

  • Princess Street from Bagot to Clergy (COMPLETE: re-opened to traffic on July 1, 2016)
  • Montreal Street from Brock to Queen (substantially complete by the end of 2016)
  • Sydenham Street from Princess to Queen (substantially complete by the end of 2016)
  • Clergy Street from Princess to Queen (substantially complete by the end of 2016)

As part of the reconstruction project the sewers underneath these roadways will be separated to help prevent sewage overflows and basement back-ups.

Project facts

  • Cost is approximately $13 million
  • Sanitary pipe – 660 metres
  • Storm pipe – 560 metres
  • Watermain – 35 metres
  • Asphalt – 7,500 metres
  • Concrete sidewalks – 4,300 sq metres
  • Concrete pavers (sidewalk boulevard) – 200 sq metres
  • Granite curbs – 900 metres

See the City's 2015 to 2018 Infrastructure Plan for details on other scheduled projects.