Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update - About

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update - About

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About the Project

The City is updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan aimed at supporting opportunities for active fun over the next 15 years!

The previous plan, developed in 2010, provides an implementation strategy for the development of parks and recreation services until 2025. A number of its recommendations have already been achieved, and a number of new initiatives are now underway. 

This Plan helps the City guide and manage parks and open space development, recreation and leisure services, programs, events, facilities, marinas and other recreation amenities. The goal of the update is:

  • to assess the work completed and successes achieved to date, and
  • to identify investments, policies, and processes to support recreational service needs for the next 15 years.

Kingston places importance on parks and recreation services to enable residents to lead healthy lives, embrace environmental stewardship and strengthen our sense of community pride and spirit.

The City has commissioned Sierra Planning and Management, a multi-disciplinary planning firm, to assess and update the Master Plan to ensure recreation and leisure services continue to support and meet community needs, while balancing a fiscally appropriate implementation plan. 

Project steps

  • April 2018 - Data collection and background review
  • May to June 2018 - Community and stakeholder engagement
  • June to Sept. 2018 - Analysis and interim reporting
  • Sept. to Dec. 2018 - Community engagement
  • Jan. to May 2019 - Master plan draft ideas and options