About the Project

What is Smart Kingston?

As we work to build a smart, livable, and 21st century city we need to make use of emerging technologies and innovations to improve the services we deliver to residents. The Smart Kingston strategy sets the vision and roadmap for how we, as a City, are going to take advantage of technology with the aim of improving lives of all Kingstonians.

People-centered Approach

Smart Kingston activities will focus on making the lives of residents better by taking a people-centric versus technology-centric approach. It is not just about implementing more and better technology; it is about creating the best possible outcomes for our residents.


The Smart Kingston vision consists of three main elements:

Economic Development - The Smart Kingston strategy is a platform to build a competitive advantage in terms of infrastructure and human capital to support growth, prosperity, and quality of living.

Innovation in Municipal Service Delivery - The Smart Kingston strategy drives the development and adoption of technology in government operations in order to be more efficient and provide better service to the public

Brand Development of Kingston - The Smart Kingston strategy is a foundation of our brand positioning as a smart, livable, 21st century city.


The goals set out in the Smart Kingston strategy are built on a foundation of open and transparent government and respect the requirement for inclusive and collaborative outcomes. The goals include:

  • Create innovation that is tangible and that directly impacts citizens
  • Engage the public in the municipal innovation process
  • Ensure that innovation outcomes benefit the broad spectrum of communities and groups in the city
  • Collaborate with private and public sector partners to grow the innovation ecosystem
  • Invest in innovation that provides a positive return on investment for the City/community