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Kingston is a smart city, and we're looking for opportunities to get smarter.

Amongst hundreds of nominations from across the world, Kingston, was recognized as a Smart21 Intelligent Community in both 2013 and 2014 and was chosen as a 2014 Top7 Intelligent Community. 

The City of Kingston will become an even smarter city by following the Smart Kingston roadmap – better positioning us to compete in the 21st century digital economy. By learning from, and working with other best-practice Smart Cities, Kingston will continue to build  human, financial and digital resources to sustain high-growth and develop support systems to digitally transform and diversify our economy.

The City is working to build a smart, livable and leading city by identifying ideas that leverage technology to bring residents together to solve challenges together.

ORION – Building Ontario’s Next-Generation Smart Cities through Data Governance

In 2019, ORION and Compute Ontario produced a four-part series of reports entitled “Building Ontario’s Next-Generation Smart Cities through Data Governance”. The reports explore data governance models that can support smart cities, economic development, and the collection of information in Ontario.

These reports help to answer one question: how can we prepare for the deployment of smart cities across Ontario and ensure that the data collected is secure and benefits the lives of Ontarians?

Each of the four reports explores a different aspect of Smart City data governance. Part 4: The Future of Ontario’s Data also offers a case study of the City of Kingston.

You can read more and view the reports on ORION’s website:

Part 1: Health Data Safe Haven

Part 2: Towards a Smart City Data Trust  

Part 3: Open Architecture

Part 4: The Future of Ontario’s Data

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