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Council directed City staff to begin the process of implementing red-light cameras at 10 intersections in Kingston at its meeting on December 3, 2019.

Red light cameras have been operating in Ontario for almost 20 years. Eight municipalities in the province currently have red light cameras. Red-light cameras have been proven to improve the level of safety at intersections for all road users.

A staff report specific to red-light cameras was presented to council for consideration in December 2019, at which time council directed staff to move forward with implementing this road safety program.

Since the background work required to implement the program could take up to two years, red light cameras are expected to be operational in the City by 2022.

Get Involved

Prior to the report being presented to council, residents were invited to ask City staff their questions and provide their input about the red light camera program through Get Involved Kingston from Sept. 18 to Oct. 11. Staff received and responded to 50 related questions.

Information Sessions

September 2019

Two in-person sessions were held, beginning with a short presentation from staff followed by a question and answer period.


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Project News

The City is inviting residents to ask their questions about a potential red-light camera program in Kingston, which is included as a safety measure ...

Project Timeline

  • September – October 2019

    Online public engagement
  • December 2019

    Report to Council

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