Vision Zero

Engagement Opportunities

To gain a better understanding of the public concerns and road safety priorities, public engagement was a critical component throughout the completion of the road safety plan. The project team worked with City Communications to create an appealing Vision Zero branding scheme that was used in notifications about the project through social media, print media, postcards, roadside signs and on the City's website. The public was also notified about the Vision Zero project through radio ads, local television and an educational video. In addition, a Q & A was opened on the City's Get Involved engagement platform where information about the RSP was provided along with a link to a road safety survey. City staff also responded to more than 50 road safety questions on the Get Involved site.

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The public engagement plan included a public open house at City Hall, five "pop-up" Vision Zero engagement events, the creation of a Road Safety Advisory Group (RSAG) and the completion of a public road safety survey. A total of 600 road safety surveys were collected.