Walk 'n' Roll Kingston - Latest Updates

See the final plan and executive summary and let us know if you have questions.

Latest Updates

The Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) was adopted at council on June 26. Staff have begun working on the five-year implementation plan that will be incorporated in the City's next four-year capital infrastructure plan.

Using the cycling infrastructure maps developed in the ATMP, 17 cycling routes across the City have been identified.

Project Timeline

2019 - Underway

  • Finalize implementation plan and present to Council

Summer & Fall 2018 - Complete

Spring & Summer 2018 - Complete

  • Technical Advisory Group Meeting #4
  • Release draft ATMP to the public
  • Present Draft ATMP to EITP Committee and Council
  • Finalize Active Transportation Master Plan Report

Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 - Complete

  • Technical Advisory Group Meeting #3
  • Review feedback and comments on the draft report
  • Revise draft active transportation network and recommendations based on input received from Technical Advisory Group

Spring 2017 - Complete

  • Technical Advisory Group Meeting #2
  • Refine Draft Network and Proposed Facility Types
  • Prepare Draft Network Phasing
  • Public Open House #2

Winter 2016 - Complete

  • Review Stakeholder and Public Input
  • Develop Initial Draft Network Concept
  • Summarize Public Opinion Survey
  • Finalize Study Vision and Key Principles
  • Hold Pop-up Workshops
  • Conduct Stakeholder Interviews

Fall 2016 - Complete

  • Develop Existing and Candidate Maps
  • Technical Advisory Group Meeting #1
  • Community Forum and Public Open House #1
  • Launch Public Opinion Survey
  • Hold Pop-up Workshops
  • Prepare Initial Study Vision

The project is being completed in accordance with the Master Plans section of the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process.

The City of Kingston's Active Transportation Master Plan – branded as Walk 'n' Roll Kingston – has been designed and developed specifically for Kingston. The plan reflects Kingston's unique built form, road network, land use, density, green space, culture, history and key features, including its waterfront, public wants, strategic objectives and future vision.

Walk 'n' Roll Kingston has been informed by public and stakeholder input, the City's strategic objectives and a vision to achieve a 20% active transportation (AT) travel mode share by 2034. The plan is meant to contribute to making Kingston one of the most desirable communities to live and work in Canada.

To achieve a 20% AT mode share by 2034, significant investment in infrastructure, supportive programming, resources and staffing will be required from the City and its partners. The City's Active Transportation Plan will set out a blueprint for staff, decision makers and stakeholders to better understand, plan, design, and implement active transportation routes and improvements throughout the City of Kingston over the next 20+ years.

It builds upon the City's Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Waterfront Master Plan and other City planning initiatives. Walk 'n' Roll Kingston builds upon existing provincial policies and directions, such as #CycleON, Ontario Trails Strategy, and the Climate Change Action Plan to support the changes that have been envisioned by residents, staff, members of Council and stakeholders.

About the ATMP

The Plan is organized into the following chapters:

1.0 - Walk 'n' Roll Overview

An overview of what active transportation is including uses and anticipated users, potential benefits, best practices, the study process and the guiding principles of Walk 'n' Roll Kingston.

2.0 - Consulting and Engaging

An overview of the consultation process that was used to inform the development of Walk 'n' Roll Kingston and a summary of key findings / input received.

3.0 - Kingston's Active Transportation Network

An overview of process used to develop the City's active transportation network including the outcomes of each step, the different neighbourhoods contained in Kingston, the facility types that make up the AT network and additional design considerations.

4.0 - Kingston's Active Transportation Action Plan

An overview of policy considerations, proposed outreach initiatives and strategies to encourage walking and cycling in Kingston and achieve mode share targets.


Project News

  • Finalize implementation plan and present to Council