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View the feedback report from the 2019 Waste Strategies engagement. A report on this engagement will go to the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policies Committee in early 2020.

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This winter and spring, the City is reviewing the option of making use of the Green Bin program mandatory for buildings with seven or more residential units. City staff will be consulting directly with building owners/managers and residents about this option. Feedback from this consultation would be included in a report to the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policies Committee in the second half of 2020.

September - October 2019

Thanks to all who:

  • attended one of the four community open houses held across the city (West - Sept. 18, East - Sept. 24, Central - Oct. 1 and North - Oct. 9), and/or
  • reviewed the presentation and completed the Waste Strategies survey at GetInvolved.CityofKingston.ca, (closed at 4 p.m. on Oct. 18).

Your input on the options below will help the City determine how it will move forward to divert 65% of household waste from landfill by 2025.

Diversion strategies/collection changes being considered:

  • Weekly blue and grey box and green bin collection with bi-weekly garbage pick-up. This option would allow for weekly yard waste collection.
  • Requiring the use of clear garbage bags (a small opaque privacy bag would be allowed). This would help the City enforce a future ban on recyclables and organics in garbage bags.
  • Making garbage collection into a full user-pay system by requiring a bag tag for every garbage bag. Considerations for low-income households will be explored.
  • Increasing the cost of bag tags.
  • Limiting the number of additional tagged bags allowed and offering fewer days on which two untagged bags are allowed.
  • Mandatory use of green bins in multi-residential buildings

June 2019

The City's solid waste department held four focus groups on June 5 and 6 at the INVISTA Centre to gather input on waste diversion strategies. Thanks to all who came out to share their thoughts!  See the feedback report outlining what the City heard at these focus groups.

April 2019

City begins collecting wide-ranging ideas on how the community can divert at least five per cent more household waste from landfill. 

March 2019

The need to develop new strategies to reach the 65 per cent diversion goal is outlined in the Waste Diversion Rate and Integrated Waste Management Plan Update Report to the environment infrastructure and transportation policies committee.

For more details on the project steps and timelines, see the About page.

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What should be implemented to divert at least 65 per cent of household waste from landfill? The City of Kingston will be holding focus groups the fi ...