Waterfront Master Plan - Latest Updates

Waterfront Master Plan - Latest Updates

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Creating a connected waterfront pathway system will take many years to implement.  Temporary waterfront routes with signage, maps, art and interpretive information for users, have been established in the interim. Learn more about the temporary route on the Waterfront Wayfinding and Promotion Strategy page.

Since the development of the master plan, unprecedented water level fluctuation and increased frequency and intensity of storms have been impacting on our shorelines and associated infrastructure. As a result, the City is responding to these needs and advancing repairs along the waterfront where required such as with projects associated with the Disaster Mitigation and Adaption Fund.

Upcoming Projects

See these Waterfront Master Plan projects on the Parks Development map.
  • Belle Park – Phase 1 improvements to Belle Park as per the master plan. Playground, pathways, tree planting, sports courts, off leash dog area and disc golf. Design 2020-2021. Construction anticipated in 2022.
  • Breakwall Promenade at Flora MacDonald Confederation Basin – A new waterfront walkway on the stone breakwall around the harbour. Design 2020. Construction anticipated in 2021.
  • Breakwater Park – Portable washroom installation 2020.
  • Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) – Approximately $10M of funding has been made available to the City to 2028 from the Federal Government for shoreline repair. 3 parks and open space projects and 2 roads projects are currently planned (Morton Way, Portsmouth Olympic Harbour to Lake Ontario Park Waterfront Pathway, Richardson Beach, Front Rd. at Cataraqui Bay and St. Lawrence Ave. to Treasure Island). There are 12 additional park or open space projects and 1 road project that are eligible for funding under the grant. For more information, please see Council report 19-260. In addition to implementing the shoreline repairs identified in the DMAF grant, the City may consider simultaneously improving the adjacent parks and open spaces as per the waterfront master plan.
  • Douglas R. Fluhrer Park – Renovation to Douglas R. Fluhrer Park as per the master plan. Shoreline and parking lot upgrades, pathways, great lawn and outdoor gathering space, tree planting and landscaping. Detailed design in 2022. Construction anticipated in future - not yet determined.
  • Grass Creek Park washroom and change room – New washroom and change room building. Currently under construction. Completion in 2020.
  • Grass Creek Park play equipment upgrade. - Construction anticipated in 2020.
  • Lake Ontario Park play equipment upgrade. - Construction anticipated in 2021.
  • MacLean Trails Park – New pathways and park improvements coordinated with the Third Crossing development. Construction anticipated in 2022.
  • Milton Cemetery – Stone building repair and landscaping. Construction anticipated in 2020.
  • Morton Way – Shoreline repair. Construction anticipated in 2020.
  • Richardson Beach Bathhouse – Interior renovation. Construction anticipated in 2020.
  • Richardson Beach – Waterfront improvements. Beach upgrades, water access, lounging, gathering and look out spaces. Design underway. Construction anticipated in 2021.
  • Riverview Regalia Park and Greenwood Park West Waterfront Trail - New community park and nature trail near Waterside Way. Construction anticipated in 2022.
  • Rudd Avenue – Improvements to footpath in Eastview subdivision between Rudd Avenue and Serpentine Lane at Highway #2. Design ongoing. Construction anticipated in 2020.
  • Waterfront Pathway (Belle Park to John Counter Blvd.) – Pathway improvements coordinated with the Third Crossing development. Construction anticipated in 2022.
  • Waterfront Pathway (Portsmouth Olympic Harbour to Lake Ontario Park) - Pathway improvements. Design underway. Construction anticipated in 2021.


Completed Projects

  • 2019 Shoreline and pathway repairs – Waterfront pathway in Macdonald Memorial Park (Murney Tower to KGH helicopter pad) and Mowat Avenue from pedestrian bridge to Lake Watch Lane. Damaged due to high water levels and intense storms.
  • 33 Ontario Street pathway - Repair of shore wall and walkway.
  • 100 Foot Park – Pathway improvements.
  • Bath Road multi-use pathway (Collins Bay to Coverdale Dr.) - Separated multi-use pathway on the south side of Bath Rd.
  • Belle Park Master Plan – An implementation strategy to guide the redevelopment of Belle Park over a 15 year period.
  • Breakwater Park and Gord Edgar Downie Pier – $6M Park renovation.
  • Coal Dock Pathway - Land access and pathway improvements.
  • Collins Bay Wharf and Boat Launch - Renovations to dock and parking.
  • Commodores Cove - Lighting upgrades.
  • Confederation Basin Marina - Renovation of facility including washrooms and showers.
  • Elevator Bay Park – Waterfront improvements. Water access, gathering and lookout space.
  • Grass Creek Park - Reforestation project and picnic shelter repair.
  • Inner Harbour Trail – Improvements to waterfront pathway in Douglas R. Fluhrer Park, around Woolen Mill and in Emma Martin Park. New pathway from Emma Martin Park to River Street.
  • Lake Ontario Park – $5M Park renovation.
  • Lawrence Park – Playground upgrade and new pathway.
  • Madoma Park – Park improvements including picnic shelter, pathway and sports court repair. Underutilized satellite community center demolished and park area expanded.
  • Meadowbrook Park – Playground upgrade and new nature trail with marshland viewing.
  • Portsmouth Olympic Harbour and Kingston Penitentiary Plan – Community visioning exercise.
  • Ravensview Park - Shoreline and water access improvements.
  • Newmarket Lane Parkette – New playground and pathway.
  • Rotary Park – New public dock and recreational paddling club (Limestone Board and Board Club).
  • Waterfront Wayfinding and Promotion – A sign program that directs pedestrians and cyclists along two routes. The “Waterfront Trail” follows the waterfront closely on pathways, sidewalks and through parks (blue signs). The “Shoreline Route” is mostly on road and connects to waterfront vistas, accesses and parks (green signs).
  • West Street Boat Launch – Shoreline repair and dredging improvements.

Waterfront Land Access

  • 7.5 ha. purchased at 1243 Front Road.
  • 0.15 ha. purchased at Cecil and Wilma Graham Park.
  • 20.8 ha. conveyed to City through planning of Greenwood Park West subdivision at Waterside Way.
  • 3.1 ha. conveyed to City through planning subdivision at Isle of Man Rd.