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About the Project

The work on the new City-wide Zoning Bylaw is comprised of two phases.

Phase 2

Phase two was initiated in 2015 and began with the Five Year Update to the Official Plan.  During this time, background studies and data collection for the new City-wide Zoning Bylaw were completed in coordination with Dillon Consulting Ltd. 

The first draft of the City-wide Zoning Bylaw is now available for comment.

Phase 1

Phase one was done in coordination with MMM Group and Lehman & Associates.  This phase included the following:

The Zoning Strategy Report was accepted by Council in February 2013.

Project Team

City of Kingston

  • Paige Agnew – Director, planning, building and licensing
  • Andrea Gummo - Project manager, planning division
  • Sukriti Agarwal – Project manager, planning division

Lead Consultant


  • Lloyd Phillips & Associates Limited