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This directory includes an entry for most City and Utilities Kingston staff members. However, due to the variety of services we deliver, many of our employees do not have a telephone extension.

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You can find individual employees by searching for a first and/or last name (or part of a name) above. If you cannot find the individual you are attempting to locate, you can reach a Customer Service Representative by calling 613-546-0000 and saying "reception" (or pressing 0) after being greeted by the automated attendant. You can also use our online inquiry/feedback form to contact a representative by email.

Finding an Email Address

In an effort to reduce the amount of SPAM and junk email that is received we have decided not to publish e-mail addresses for our staff. You may direct an e-mail to us simply by using the first initial and last name of the individual, along with ""

For example:

If you are not able to successfully contact an employee by e-mail, please direct your inquiry to our general customer service contacts.