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The Downtown Action Plan is an infrastructure and urban design study for the entire downtown. The Plan came from the need to replace the underground utility infrastructure (storm and sanitary sewers, waterlines, electrical, telecommunications and fibre optics) in the Downtown area. 

Key Documents

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Executive Summary

Downtown Action Plan

Part 2

Existing Conditions.

Part 3

Open Space Master Plan (Overview/Approach).

Part 4

Streetscape Recommendations.

Part 5

Park Recommendations.

Part 6

Waterfront Recommendations.

Part 7

Courtyards Recommendations.

Part 8

Materials And Elements.

Part 9


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Figure 1

Existing Land Uses

Figure 10

Night Character Zones.

Figure 11


Figure 2

Open Spaces Inventory and Analysis.

Figure 3

Character Areas.

Figure 4

Open Space Schematic.

Figure 5

Open Space Master Plan.

Figure 6

Confederation Park Concept

Figure 7

Boucher Park Concept.

Figure 8

Streetscape (Princess St., Between Bagot & Wellington Streets).

Figure 9

Streetscape (Brock St. - Demonstration Block).