Fees & Charges Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-10 - To establish fees and charges to be collected by the Corporation of the City of Kingston

Fence Bylaw

Bylaw 2003-405 - Regulates and sets standards for the construction of fences.

Firearms Bylaw

Bylaw 2009-170 - Regulates the discharge of firearms.

Garbage Bylaw

Bylaw 2014-5 - To provide for and regulate a solid waste management system

Gas Rate Bylaw

Bylaw 2010-17 - Imposes gas rates

Heritage Grant Bylaw

Bylaw 2018-26 - To Establish a Heritage Grants Program

Idling Bylaw

Bylaw 2008-95 - To control the idling of vehicles and boats.

Indemnity Bylaw

Bylaw 2006-210 - Respecting the protection of municipal employees and officers and members of council of the corporation of the City of Kingston against liability incurred while acting on behalf of...

Licensed Trades Bylaw

Bylaw 2003-4 - License, regulate and govern certain trades and occupations that carry on business within the geographic limits of the City of Kingston.

Low Income Property Tax Increase Defferal Bylaw

Bylaw 98-216 - To allow for Deferrals of Residential Tax Increases for Low Income Seniors and Low Income Persons with Disabilities

Maintenance and Closure of Laneways and Road Allowances

Bylaw 91-272 - To Authorize the Adoption of a Policy with regard to the Maintenance and Closure of Laneways and Road Allowances

Market Bylaw

Bylaw 2006-118 - Respecting the Kingston Public Market.

Multi Residential Property Tax Class Bylaw

Bylaw 2001-110 - To Establish a New Multi-Residential Property Tax Class

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Bylaw

Bylaw 98-9 - To appoint municipal law enforcement officers of the Corporation of the City of Kingston

Municipal Seal Bylaw

Bylaw 2017-137 - A bylaw to adopt the Municipal Seal for The Corporation of the City of Kingston.

Noise Bylaw

Bylaw 2004-52 - Regulates noise within the municipality and outlines general noise prohibitions, noise prohibitions by time and place, exemptions from the noise prohibitions and designated...

Nuisance Parties Bylaw

2018-53 - To regulate nuisance parties within the City of Kingston

Parking Bylaw

Bylaw 2010-128 - Regulate parking in the City of Kingston.

Parking Exemptions Bylaw

Bylaw 88-270 - To establish criteria for deciding applications for exemption from the parking requirements of the Downtown and Harbour Zoning Bylaw

Parkland Dedication Bylaw

Bylaw 2013-107 - To provide for the conveyance of land for park purposes, or cash-in-lieu of parkland conveyance

Parks & Rec Facilities Bylaw

Bylaw 2009-76 - Provides for the regulation use of parks and recreation facilities for the Corporation of the City of Kingston.

Pesticide Bylaw

Bylaw 2008-28 - Regulate the use of pesticides on lawns within the City of Kingston.

Preauthorized Tax Payment Program Bylaw

Bylaw 2003-368 - To provide for an alternative instalment (Pre-Authorized) tax payment program

Private Property Parking Bylaw

Bylaw 99-166 - Prohibits the parking or leaving of motor vehicles on private property without the consent of the owner or occupant of the property.

Property Standards Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-100 - Prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the City of Kingston

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The bylaws available on this website have been prepared for the purposes of convenience only and are not certified true copies. Certified true copies of the official bylaws are available from the City clerk's department, located at City Hall, 216 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON, K7L 2Z3.