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Active transportation is any kind of human-powered travel, including: walking, cycling, inline skating, skateboarding – and travel with the use of mobility aids, such as motorized wheelchairs and other power-assisted devices moving at a comparable speed.

A five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan was approved by Council in September 2019.

Active Transportation Master Plan

The City's first Active Transportation Master Plan – branded as Walk ‘n' Roll Kingston – outlines a roadmap for investment in active transportation infrastructure and engagement with residents to facilitate modal transformation. The plan reflects the city's unique built form, road network, land use, density, green space, culture, history and key features, including its waterfront, public priorities, strategic objectives and future vision.

Walk 'n' Roll Kingston is informed by public and stakeholder input, the City's strategic objectives and a vision: to achieve a 20 per cent active transportation (AT) travel mode share by 2034. Achieving this will require a significant investment in infrastructure, supportive programs, resources and staff from the City and its partners. This plan sets out a blueprint for staff, decision makers and stakeholders to better understand, plan, design, and implement active transportation routes and improvements throughout Kingston over the next 20+ years. It builds upon the City's Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Waterfront Master Plan and other on-going initiatives (e.g. Vision Zero, Kingston). Walk ‘n' Roll Kingston also builds upon existing provincial policies and directions, such as #CycleON, Ontario Trails Strategy, and the Climate Change Action Plan to support the changes that have been envisioned by residents, staff, members of council and stakeholders.


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