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The City's is working toward building both neighbourhood and city-wide cycling routes.

Neighbourhood Level Infrastructure

The neighbourhood-level cycling network will provide routes and facilities within each area and will connect to the city-wide transportation and transit network. Neighbourhood cycling trips will occur on local roads and along neighbourhood trails and pathways. Neighbourhood routes will also be more geared to shorter trips to locations such as a school, library, corner store, or community centre.

In the short term, the City will focus on developing a series of neighbourhood transportation plans, called Transportation Focus Area Plans. These will help City staff identify short and long-term transportation priorities within each focus area and guide future decision-making and planning for active transportation at a neighbourhood level.

Map of transportation focus areas
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City-wide active transportation routes have also been identified to be prioritized in the short term. The routes illustrated above were developed to arrange the city-wide network into continuous routes and outline key north-south and east-west connections. By assembling components of the cycling network into routes, the City can improve the connectivity of the overall network. The network will become more useful as the gaps between cycling facilities are addressed.

Kingston's proposed city-wide cycling network upgrades can be found in the map below.

Proposed Cycling network
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Proposed city-wide cycling network

The city-wide active transportation network is intended to address large-scale mobility concerns and issues that impact the City as whole rather than specific issues at a local level. The infrastructure requirements for a city-wide transportation system typically include large-scale projects that are planned in conjunction with other major projects.

Examples of infrastructure improvements that can support the city-wide transportation network are:

  • enhanced crossings for pedestrians and cyclists and
  • planned roadway widening/extensions with cycling facilities that are separated from motor vehicle lanes as well as major off-road trail links.

Kingston's proposed city-wide cycling network upgrades can be found in the map below.

Cycling network heirarchy
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