Rules of the Road

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The rules of the road apply to all vehicles.

The official rules of the road are laid out in Part 10 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Both automobiles and bicycles are legally considered vehicles under this Act, so cyclists need to know and obey the same rules as motorists to enjoy using the roadways. See the Roadsharing Guide developed with Cycle Kingston. They state:

  • Cyclists moving slower than the normal traffic speed should drive in the right-hand lane, or as safely to the right side as is practical (except when preparing to turn left).
  • Cyclists have the right to use a full lane of traffic when travelling if the right side of the roadway is hazardous or does not allow them to maintain a straight predictable line.
  • Cyclists belong on the road, not the sidewalk, because bicycles are vehicles.
  • Motorists and cyclists must obey all road signage, markings and traffic signals.
  • Motorists and cyclists must signal their intention to turn or stop.
  • Motorists and cyclists should drive/ride responsibly and defensively, be properly equipped, watch for hazards, and make sure they are seen and drive/ride in a predictable manner.
  • Motorists must leave at least a metre of space between their vehicle and a cyclist while passing