Cycling Signage

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Review the signs and road markings below to confirm you have a good understanding of how to approach and use them.

Yield to cyclist on right turn

Yield to cyclist signageThese signs identify areas where right-hand turns cross a cycling lane. Motor vehicles must yield to cyclists in the cycling lane before making a right hand turn.

Bicycle route marker

Bike Router Marker SignThese signs identify routes that are part of Kingston's On-road Bikeway. Unlike the signs that indicate exclusive cycling lanes, bicycle route signs do not have a regulatory function.

Reserved bicycle lane

Reserved Bike Lane SignThe reserved bicycle lane sign informs motorists that a specific lane on the road is designated for exclusive use by bicycles.

Share the road

 Share the road sign Warning SignThese signs inform motorists and cyclists that a roadway is to be shared and may be placed where a designated bicycling lane comes to an end.

Single file

Single File Bike SignThese signs warn motorists and cyclists that cyclists may use the full lane ahead and that the lane is too narrow for side-by-side operation.


Sharrows bike signSharrows remind road users to share the road and offer line-of-travel guidance to cyclists.

Shared use pathway

Shared use pathway signThese signs indicate that a pathway can be used by both cyclists and pedestrian and that the space is to be shared by both users.

Bicycle crossing

Bicycle Crossing signThese signs indicate to vehicles that bicycle crossings are ahead and vehicles should be aware when making right or left turning movements through the intersection.

Pedestrian and bicycle crossing

Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossing signThese signs indicate to vehicles that a pedestrian and bicycle crossing is ahead.