Audible Pedestrian Signals

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The City installs audible pedestrian signals for visually impaired pedestrians at all new and rebuilt traffic signals where a marked crosswalk is present.  Requests for audible signals at existing traffic signals may be forwarded directly to the traffic division for consideration.

The specialized tones at audible pedestrian signals are activated by pushing and holding the pedestrian button for a few seconds. In addition to the cuckoo tone for north/south crossings and the chirping tone for east/west crossings, the push buttons are equipped with locator tones to help visually impaired pedestrians locate the push buttons. The accessible pedestrian buttons also include a raised arrow that points towards the direction of travel and vibrates when the audible signal is activated.

The following intersections are equipped with audible pedestrian buttons:

  • 800 Princess Street
  • Bath Rd at Centennial
  • Bath Rd at Kingston Center
  • Bath Rd at Palace
  • Bath Rd at Sir John A
  • Bath Rd at Vista
  • Highway 15 at John Marks
  • Highway 15 at Rose Abbey
  • John Counter Blvd at Aberfoyle
  • Johnson St at Division
  • King St at Barrack/Tragically Hip Way
  • King St at Lower University
  • King St at Morton
  • Princess St at Mooaliam/Transit (partial)
  • Sir John A Blvd at Dalton
  • Sir John A Blvd at Elmwood
  • Sir John A Blvd at Terry Fox
  • Union St at Division
  • Union St at University