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Active Transportation Implementation Plan

The five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan (ATIP) identifies cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, programming, and operational investments to foster a culture of active transportation in Kingston. The plan prioritizes improvements to create an integrated city-wide active transportation network, identifies opportunities to develop neighbourhood-level connections and outlines plans for programming and policy initiatives. 

Current Programs

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is a community-level program designed to make it safer and more enjoyable for students to get to and from school using active modes of transportation. It was identified as part of the Active Transportation Implementation Plan. 

The program’s goal is to get more students using travel modes that are active, safe and sustainable. Active travel to school benefits students in several ways, including;

  • Safer school zones
  • Increased physical and mental health
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Better academic performance

How the program works
Safe Routes to School is implemented in six steps.

  1. School Travel Committee is established
    • Timelines are established and school profiles are completed.
  2. Neighbourhood conditions are assessed
    • Data is collected through surveys and walkabouts.
  3. Action Plan is developed
    • Solutions to problem areas are identified and prioritized.
  4. Action Plan is implemented
    • The Five E’s: education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement and evaluation.
  5. Conditions are reassessed
    • Collect follow-up data to evaluate progress and share results.
  6. Keep it going
    • Establish "champions" within the school community and renew sustainability.

Participating Schools
The program is currently being piloted at Lancaster Drive Public School (LDPS) and Mother Teresa Catholic School (MTCS). This follows the recent reconstruction of the pick-up/drop-off areas at LDPS and MTCS, which were designed with safety and active travel at the forefront. The area surrounding these schools aligns with one of the three neigbourhood-focus areas identified in the ATIP.

In the spring of 2020, Safe Routes to School will also be launched at Truedell Public School. Similar to LDPS and MTCS, Truedell PS is located within one of the neighbourhood-focus areas identified in the Active Transportation Implementation Plan. Truedell has a significant portion of its students living within the ‘walk zone’ surrounding the school.

View the Safe Routes to School brochure and infographic.

For more information on the Safe Routes to School program, please contact

Current Projects

Note: the route numbers listed below refer to those in the Cycling Network.

Route 6 - King St. Multi-use Pathway - Planning and Design

  • A new multi-use pathway is being developed along the north and south side of King St. from Trailhead to Portsmouth Ave.
  • The path provides a buffered option for pedestrians and cyclists to travel in and will include a number of rest areas with benches along the route. 
  • The City is also making changes to the intersection of King St. and Portsmouth Ave. to make it easier for residents using the new multi-use pathways to connect with existing cycling infrastructure. 
  • Construction: 2020 - 2021
  • View the pathway plan and reporting back
  • Project contact: Mark Dickson

Route 8 - Rideau Trail Multi-use Pathway - Planning and Design

Route 14 - Leroy Grant Multi-use Pathway - Construction

  • This project consists of a multi-use off-road pathway from Third Avenue to Elliot Avenue and through Champlain Park, along with an in-boulevard multi-use pathway from Elliot Ave. to John Counter Blvd.
  • Construction includes approximately 1.8km of  asphalt pathway, intersection upgrades at John Counter Blvd. and Leroy Grant Dr., new pedestrian gates, benches, drainage and landscaping.
  • This project was identified in the Active Transportation Master Plan as a priority to ensure active transportation connections to the nearby school currently under construction. The public also identified it as a priority during consultation on the ATIP.
  • View the pathway plan and sidewalk plan
  • Project contact: Mark Dickson

Completed Cycling Projects

Three priority projects identified in the Active Transportation Master Plan were completed in 2019, including:

Route 3 - Buffered bike lanes on Taylor Kidd Dr. between Gardiners Rd. and the Rio Can entrance

  • Vehicular travel lanes have been narrowed on Taylor Kidd Blvd. to accommodate a painted buffer zone between the existing cycling lane and the vehicular travel lane. Flexible bollards are installed within the buffer zone to create a protected bicycle lane. The bollards will be installed every spring after street sweeping and line painting are completed and removed in the winter to allow for snow plowing.

Route 8 - Johnson and Brock Street cycling lane enhancements between Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd. and Division St.

  • Flexible bollards have been installed in the painted buffer zone between the vehicular travel lane and the existing bike lane to create a protected bike lane. The bollards will be installed every spring after street sweeping and line painting are completed.  

Route 11 - Montreal Street bike lanes from Rideau to Ordnance

  • The City identified a missing segment of bike lanes on Montreal Street from Rideau to Ordnance in the Active Transportation Master Plan. Lines were painted and signage was installed in 2019 to complete the urban section of this route into the downtown core.

For more information on these projects, contact Mark Dickson, Project Manager, Transportation Services.

Completed Pedestrian Projects

New Sidewalks

Three new sidewalks were built in 2019 to eliminate gaps and create new connections within the city's pedestrian network.

  • Bath Road from Coverdale Drive East to existing sidewalk (View the sidewalk plan)
  • Birchwood Drive from Peachwood Street to Cataraqui Woods Drive (View the sidewalk plan)
  • Taylor Kidd Boulevard from Waterloo Drive to Princess Street (View the sidewalk plan)

For more information on these sidewalks, contact Mark Dickson, Project Manager, Transportation Services.

New Pedestrian Signals 

In order to prioritize pedestrian safety, walking-to-school trips and improve connectivity for active travel in the transportation network, intersection pedestrian signals (IPS) were installed in 2019 at these locations:

  • Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard at Norman Rogers Drive
  • Johnson Street at Macdonnell Street (school guard crossing)
  • Front Road at Lakeview Avenue (school guard crossing)

For more information on IPS, contact Deanna Green, Manager, Traffic Division.

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