Cyclists and pedestrians can look forward to enjoying the infrastructure that is now being installed as outlined below. This is also the page to watch for upcoming education and outreach programs.

Cyclists: the route numbers listed below refer to those in the Cycling Network.

Active Transportation Implementation Plan

The five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan identifies cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, programming, and operational investments to foster a culture of active transportation in Kingston. The plan prioritizes improvements to create an integrated city-wide active transportation network, identifies opportunities to develop neighbourhood-level connections and outlines plans for programming and policy initiatives. 

Cycling projects

  • Route 3 - Buffered bike lanes on Taylor Kidd Drive between Gardiners Road and the Rio Can entrance
  • Route 8 - Johnson and Brock Street cycling lane enhancements between Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard and Division Street
  • Route 11- Montreal Street bike lanes from Rideau Street to Ordnance
  • Route 14 - Leroy Grant Drive right-of-way off-road trail

Pedestrian projects

New Sidewalks

  • Bath Road from Coverdale Drive East to existing sidewalk.
  • Birchwood Drive from Peachwood Street to Cataraqui Woods Drive
  • Taylor Kidd Boulevard from Waterloo Drive to Princess Street

Intersection Pedestrian Signals 

There are plans to install intersection pedestrian signals at these locations 2019:

  1. Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard at Norman Rogers Drive
  2. Front Road at Lakeview Avenue (school crossing)
  3. Johnson Street at Macdonnell Street (school crossing)

Pedestrian signals at school crossings will improve the level of safety for students walking to/from school and encourage active transportation throughout the day.

The intersection of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard at Norman Rogers has seen an increase in the number of pedestrians crossings to access the school area on Van Order Drive and the Express transit stop on Palace Road.  The new pedestrian signal will provide a safer, more accessible and inviting pedestrian crossing of Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard and provide a higher quality active transportation connection between the Calvin Park and Sunnyside neighbourhoods.