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Quality of Life. Quality of Place.

Kingston boasts vibrant creative arts and cultural communities - and is proud of its significant role in Canadian history, preserved in its internationally-recognized heritage assets.

City-run places, policies and programs aim at nurturing and preserving all that enriches life in our lively town.

Explore these pages for:

  • Arts and culture-related opportunities for learning, teaching, funding and volunteering
  • Ways to experience and learn more about Kingston's history - its heritage assets, historic spaces and, of course, its role in shaping Canada
  • Information on specific City arts holdings and initiatives, including: the civic art collection, plans for developing public art and the Poet Laureate's page.
  • A listing of City-run or partnered cultural events in Kingston.
  • Find out more about The Tett Centre, a ground-breaking arts cluster situated on Kingston's waterfront.

Committed to Culture - pillar of a sustainable community

The City's Corporate Strategic Plan speaks to the role of the Cultural Pillar in promoting a sustainable community: the fundamental objective of any sustainable community is the promotion of human well-being through enhancing both Quality of Life and Quality of Place.

The City continues to advance its work on the Kingston Culture Plan. Developed through extensive public consultation in 2010, the Plan guides the ongoing cultural development of Kingston and outlines the role of the municipality in advancing its objectives.