YGK Music is a local music pilot project that showcases and promotes local music and musicians through curated playlists to be made available for listening on the City of Kingston website, the Visit Kingston music webpage, and in various City properties.

The inaugural YGK Music playlists will highlight two streams:

  • Traditional – including classical, jazz, blues, folk and world music
  • Contemporary – including rock, pop, dance, electronic, hip-hop, country and indie music

With YGK Music, the City is furthering its commitment to promoting local music and offering the public a new opportunity to listen to and learn about local music and musicians. Our Local Music Working Group acts as the selection committee for the YGK Music playlists. Members of the public and members of the City of Kingston's Arts Advisory Committee are part of this group, which is comprised of five to seven members who each bring with them a range of experience and perspectives relevant to Kingston's local music scene. We're fortunate to have a working group that includes musicians, people who book and present music and people who play supporting roles related to the local music scene. Members of the Local Music Working Group are be nominated by the Arts Advisory Committee and approved by City Council, a process that is in-line with how other City working groups are developed.

Call for Submissions

The City of Kingston is calling for submissions from local musicians, groups and organizations to have their music featured on the YGK Music playlists for a 12 month period.  All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of musicians and industry professionals from Kingston who will recommend up to 40 artists to be featured.  Submissions will be assessed on evaluation criteria of artistic merit, artistic practice, diversity, and content.  Each successful applicant will sign a licensing agreement with the City of Kingston and receive an honorarium of $100 for use of the full song submitted during a twelve month period.

Submission requirements

  • Applicants must have a mailing address within a 50 km radius of Kingston and must already be promoting themselves as a Kingston-area/Canadian artist
  • Submissions must not include profanity or discriminatory language
  • Submissions must be original material owned by the applicant
  • Only one submission per applicant

Please review the Evaluation Criteria and Call for Submissions before applying. Deadline to apply is Friday, April 26, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. EST.

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