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YGK Music is a local music pilot project that showcases and promotes local music and musicians through curated playlists to be made available for listening on the City website and call waiting system, the Visit Kingston music page, and in various City properties.

The inaugural YGK Music playlists highlight two streams; contemporary (including rock, pop, dance, electronic, hip-hop, country and indie music) and traditional (including classical, jazz, blues, folk and world music) and feature 45 tracks, all created by local musicians.

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The artists featured in the 2019 YGK Music playlists are:

Contemporary Playlist

  • Best Friend Will
  • Dining with Bears
  • Tim Aylesworth
  • Terri Noyes
  • The Meringues
  • Smitty Kingston
  • Needless Love Endorsement
  • Scott Owen
  • Goldwing
  • KaKaow
  • Deux Trois
  • Michael K. Myers
  • Les Soliloques
  • The Winter in Canada
  • Luther Wright & the Wrongs
  • Leslie Maye
  • Kris and Dee
  • Thorns Of Venus
  • Hoelic
  • Joe Santos
  • Jenica Rayne
  • Emily Bashall
  • Emilie Steele & The Deal
  • Dennis Clark
  • Piner
  • Scraggy
  • Ben Syms-Wilson
  • Vanderlad
  • Voyager
  • Aaron Holmberg

Traditional Playlist

  • Alex Terry
  • The Celtic Kitchen Party
  • Vile Richard
  • Pesh
  • Brent Holland
  • Evan Jackson
  • Gary Rasberry
  • Ian Wong
  • Jeff J Gaulton
  • Johnny San
  • Turpin's Trail
  • Josh Audet-Smith
  • Megan Hamilton
  • Paula Wood
  • Kyra & Tully

With YGK Music, the City is furthering its commitment to promoting local music and offering the public a new opportunity to listen to and learn about local music and musicians. Our Local Music Working Group acts as the selection committee for the YGK Music playlists. Members of the public and members of the City of Kingston's Arts Advisory Committee are part of this group, which is comprised of five to seven members who each bring with them a range of experience and perspectives relevant to Kingston's local music scene. We're fortunate to have a working group that includes musicians, people who book and present music and people who play supporting roles related to the local music scene. Members of the Local Music Working Group are be nominated by the Arts Advisory Committee and approved by City Council, a process that is in-line with how other City working groups are developed.

Playlist Selection

All submissions to YGK Music were reviewed by a committee of musicians and industry professionals from Kingston Submissions were assessed on evaluation criteria of artistic merit, artistic practice, diversity, and content. Each successful applicant has signed a licensing agreement with the City of Kingston and received an honorarium of $100 for use of the full song submitted during a twelve month period.

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