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If these walls could speak...

Low income families and criminals housed in the basement? A women's medical college in the Council Chamber? A fire that destroyed nearly half the building? These stories and many more are all part the fascinating history of Kingston City Hall. Few today know that this historic centre of municipal government has also played host and home to people from every sector of society since its construction in 1844. Numerous are the engaging tales of events that have occurred and personalities that have left their mark on this place.

City Hall Chronicles gather together a selection of stories associated with City Hall. The Chronicles recount interesting happenings and detail the amazing range of former occupants and uses of Kingston's symbolic centre.

The Chronicles are arranged by location within the building. A floor plan associated with each space indicates where you are on your tour through time. Enjoy your journey and watch for future Chronicles instalments. Take the online tour.

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City Hall Chronicles Signage

Kingston's Curator, Paul Robertson, launches City Hall Chronicles, 10 historical panels offering a glimpse into the building's fascinating past