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In accordance with the objectives of the Kingston Culture Plan and the Corporate Strategic Plan, the City offers funds to support sector development and to provide residents with access to a broad range of cultural offerings:

City of Kingston Arts Fund

The City of Kingston Arts Fund (CKAF), administered by the Kingston Arts Council, offers project and operating grants to arts collectives, groups and organizations each year.  It was established in 2007 and is intended to nurture the capacity of the arts, artists and the arts sectors in Kingston through a program of direct investment.

City of Kingston Heritage Fund

The City of Kingston Heritage Fund (CKHF), administered by the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites, was established in 2013 and offers both operating and project grants to heritage groups and organizations each year. The purpose of this fund is to enrich how residents experience Kingston's cultural heritage and to learn about local history as a means to improve civic pride and quality of life.

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