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Name: David Archibald


David Archibald is an interdisciplinary artist in both music and theatre. His work has been featured on Sesame Street and CBC's Mr. Dressup, and his music is regularly played on CBC radio. David has produced such well-known artists as Avril Lavigne, and written both symphonies and musicals for the Thousand Island's Playhouse and Kingston Symphony.

David has won awards for his song-writing workshops, which are deliverable in three languages(English, French Anishnaabe), and can be tailored for a historically-, artist-, curriculum-, or genre-based experience. He teaches various levels of guitar, ukulele, piano, banjo and mandolin, but there is no prerequisite experience necessary for any of his workshops, which focus on the imaginative collaboration of songwriting in groups. Workshops can vary in length from a morning to a week, with the end goal of the group writing, recording, and performing an original song for family and friends.


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