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Name: Jill Bryant


Jill Bryant is a puppeteer and writer with additional experience in circus arts. She has travelled and taught in countries such as Japan and England, and published 15 works of non-fiction for children, as well as several activity books: Backyard Circus, Making Shadow Puppets, and Sew Your Own Bean Bag Friends. Her most notable works include her Women's Hall of Fame series, which has had two works shortlisted for major awards: Dazzling Women Designers, and Amazing Women Athletes.

Jill gives both interactive presentations and hands-on writing workshops, the former of which is primarily based on her Women's Hall of Fame series (including Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs) and activity books. Her writing workshops aim to teach the structure and specifics of good writing, while developing personal voice, style, and connections with both the material and reader. Themes include Bios That Buzz, True Stories, Creatively Staged, and Focus on Intros.


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